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January 21, 2018

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E-Cigarette Possession Illegal To Minors in North Dakota

[North Dakota] ~ There is no denying the number of youth using electronic cigarettes has “exploded,” said Jeanne Prom, the executive director of the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy. In an attempt to slow this growth, North Dakota legislators have passed a new electronic cigarette law, prohibiting minors from using, possessing or purchasing electronic

Health Advisory Committee

Another Health Advisory Committee Postpones E-Cig Ban

[California] ~ Electronic cigarettes are quickly replacing cigarettes, and at an alarming rate. While devoid of any true federal legislation, smaller levels of government are on the prowl to devise their own form of governance on something they have not quite fully explored themselves. Among such smaller levels of government, the Tulare County Health Advisory


US Representative Calling for E-Cigarette Ban on All US Flights

No Vapes on a Plane! [New York] ~ United States Representative Frank Pallone,  representative for New Jersey’s 6th congressional district, is calling for a new law to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on flights within the United States. He has sent a letter to United States Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, urging him to finalize a rule officially banning the vape devices


Butte County, California To Ban Electronic Cigarettes

[California] ~ The Butte County Board of Supervisors will seek to update the counties smoking regulation to include electronic cigarettes during its Tuesday meeting. County staff noted the county’s smoking rules were last updated in 1992 and predate the development of electronic cigarettes and vaporizing devices. Cathy Raevsky, director of the Public Health Department, stated the primary goal of

e-cig ban

Yolo County Purposes Electronic Cigarette Ban

[California] ~ Yolo County supervisors will receive a presentation Tuesday regarding an electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDD) and electronic cigarettes ban. According to meeting documents, “since their introduction in 2007, ENDD use has nearly tripled among Yolo County youth. Recent research indicates that the aerosol or vapor expelled from ENDDs contains toxic chemicals not intended to


Can I Use An Electronic Cigarette While Pregnant?

Electronic Cigarette are safer than a normal cigarette; however, is vaping harmful to your unborn baby? Can you be around second-hand vape? We’ve got the latest expert advice.. In Short No, electronic cigarettes are not recommended during pregnancy. Why? They are both unlicensed and unregulated. Manufacturers state they are safe; however, experts aren’t entirely sure. So, we recommend


Preston County Proposes Electronic Cigarettes Ban

[West Virginia] ~ The Preston County Board of Health’s proposed Clean Indoor Air Regulation is starting to become the topic of controversy and conversation since it was first reported on Saturday, July 18. It was originally presented to members of the Board of Health during its Tuesday, July 14, meeting. More drastic changes were proposed to include bars and


Kittitas County Conducts E-Cigarette Compliance Checks

[Washington] ~ The majority of local retailers passed an electronic cigarette compliance check conducted by the Kittitas County Public Health Department, according to a department news release. The electronic cigarette compliance checks, conducted on July 14, revealed that 95 percent of retailers did not sell an electronic cigarette or vaping device to a minor. Out of 21


Pierce County Launches $85,000 Anti E-Cig Campaign

[Washington] ~ “Think Again, Pierce County,” Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department wants you think when it comes to electronic cigarettes and vaping. In order to help you “Think Again”, and to reach out to people with health information regarding e-cigarettes and their dangerous effects on youth, the Health Department launched an educational campaign earlier this week that includes a


San Diego E-Cigarette Advertising Restrictions Repealed

[California] ~ The San Diego City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to repeal tobacco advertising restrictions that were adopted by the city in 1998 and extended to electronic cigarettes and nicotine e-juice in June of 2014. The action to repeal the tobacco and electronic cigarette advertising restrictions were a direct result of actions taken by National Association of

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