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December 16, 2017

Archives for July 2015

Iowa banned

Story County Bans E-Cigarettes in County Buildings

[Iowa] ~ An unanimous Story County Board of Supervisors 3-0 vote on Tuesday banned the use of electronic cigarettes and vapor devices in county-owned buildings, their grounds and within vehicles leased or owned by the county. The ban, added e-cigarettes to their preexisting Clean Air/Tobacco Use policy, will be effective pending a seven day review by county legal

Alabama State House

Fear Governor Bentley’s 300% E-Cigarette Tax Hike

[Alabama] ~ As lawmakers try to patch the General Fund budget’s $200+ million deficit in the Special Legislative Session this summer, a 300% tobacco tax hike has become their most acceptable tax option. However, according to Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama, a broad expansion of taxes levied on tobacco and their replacements, this hike could have devastating effects

Vape Expo

Vape Expo Event Promoters, Sellers, Patrons Fined $50,000

[New Jersey] ~ This weekend  drew roughly 1,200 vendors and electronic cigarette enthusiasts to the Vape Expo NJ, Also attending were local and County Health Officials, who ended up fining the expo hall manager, event promoters and nearly 70 sellers roughly $50,000 for violating the state’s indoor smoke-free air law. Edison and Middlesex County Health Officials wrote 66


Yet Another California Bill Targets Unregulated E-Cigs

[California] ~ Bills are once again focused on unregulated use of electronic cigarettes, all in the name of public safety. The latest, introduced Thursday in a special session on health, includes re-worked legislation from Senator Mark Leno calling for the statewide regulation of e-cigarettes. His SB 2X-5 bill seeks to define e-cigarettes as tobacco products, closing the loophole


Trenton Bans Electronic Cigarettes

[New Jersey] ~ Under a new policy, approved by the City Council on Thursday, smoking of cigars, cigarettes, pipes and electronic cigarettes is prohibited in city parks, recreational areas, city facilities and inside city vehicles. Smokers lighting up a cigarette or vapors toking on mod, in any Trenton park can be faced with fines of


New Study: Electronic Cigarettes Vapor Has NO Toxic Effect

In a recent study, scientists have found electronic cigarette vapor has NO toxic effect on the cells found in human lungs. Fresh research, funded by British American Tobacco (BAT), suggested inhaling nicotine vapor could be as safe as breathing air. To perform these experiments, the tobacco giant teamed up with the MatTek Corporation, maker of human cell models used


Iowa City Bans Electronic cigarettes

[Iowa] ~ Electronic cigarettes are now banned from locations already under traditional smoking bans. An Iowa City Council vote on Wednesday passed, meaning all electronic cigarette smokers are now bound by the same restrictions as those who use traditional tobacco. The council voted 6-0 to prohibit the use of electronic cigarette in places where it is already illegal to smoke

Wick Material

Best Electronic Cigarette Wick Materials

Best Electronic Cigarette Wick Materials There are plenty of different materials that are now being used as electric cigarette wicks. This article seeks to advise you on some of the best electronic cigarette wick materials currently out there. If you have ever searched the internet for wick material, you know that there is a huge

Massachusetts Statehouse

Massachusetts Schedule Electronic Cigarette Bill Hearing

[Massachusetts] ~ Massachusetts legislation aimed at makers of electronic cigarettes is the subject of a public hearing at the Boston Statehouse this week. They are seeking requirements to file annual reports with the state which identify the concentration of any toxins contained in the vapor produced by an electronic cigarettes, when used as intended by the manufacturer. Another

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