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February 23, 2018

Archives for August 2015

Vape and your body

E-Cigarettes and the Effects on your Body

Electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes and could help smokers quit tobacco, a British government study recently concluded, wading into a long-running electronic cigarettes debate. While much research has been done on conventional cigarettes, data on e-cigarettes is much more sparse. This is because e-cigs were only invented in 2003 by a


New E-Cigarette Milestone: The KIS Vaporizer Control System

Recently, Kimree, the largest electronic cigarette manufacturer worldwide, announced a successful development of KIS Vaporizer control system. The system will significantly shorten the time from start to operating temperature with efficiency increasing 300%. They claim that the speed heating system will change the vaporizer industry structure and e-cigarette industry will be more intelligent and more


E-cigarettes 95% Safer Than Tobacco Study Under Scrutiny

Official advice proclaiming electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco is under scrutiny due to the fact the study was based on research by industry-funded scientists. Public Health England (PHE) called last week for e-cigarettes to be prescribed on the NHS as part of this game changing study of medical evidence. The agency claimed that using e-cigarettes was 95 percent safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. It


Almost Official: California Calling E-Cigarettes a Tobacco Product

[California] ~ Today, the California Senate, as part of the Legislature’s extraordinary session on health, passed legislation calling for new statewide regulations on electronic cigarettes. SB X2-5, authored by Senator Mark Leno, District 11, protects the public against exposure to e-cigarettes by ensuring they are accurately defined as tobacco products and fall under the state’s existing


Britain Calls for Prescription Electronic Cigarettes

British government health officials want to see Healthcare providers able to prescribe electronic cigarettes on the National Health Service (NHS), they stated after they published a review that showed vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco. Public Health England (PHE) said much of the public wrongly believes that e-cigs carry health risks much the same way cigarettes do, but this is not

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State Senate Approves Six Anti-Tobacco Bills

[California] ~ On Wednesday, the Senate panel approved a package of six anti-tobacco bills, including measures raising the smoking age to 21 and barring the use of electronic cigarettes in public place where smoking is banned. Both the age increase and e-cigarette bills had stalled in the Legislature, but were revived for a special session on healthcare


New Study: E-cigarettes 95% Less Harmful Than Tobacco

Electronic cigarettes are close to 95 percent less harmful than tobacco and should be promoted as a tool to help smokers quit, a study by an agency of Britain’s Department of Health stated on Wednesday. E-cigarettes have surged in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic but health organizations have so far been wary of advocating them as a safer


New Study Busts E-Cigarettes Gateway To Teen Smoking

New study proves there is no link between teens taking up electronic cigarettes and then transferring to regular tobacco, this according to the anti-smoking group Action on Smoking and Health. Published in the journal Public Health and conducted with polling company YouGov, the research showed teens are experimenting more with e-cigarettes. In 2013, four percent of


New York Legislators Considering E-Cigarette Ban

[New York] ~ New York county Lawmakers are considering adding a ban on electronic cigarettes to a law already prohibiting smoking indoors. Rockland County officials held a public hearing Tuesday night to discuss the expansion of the county’s smoking restrictions to treat electronic cigarettes like traditional tobacco products. Legislator Aney Paul, Democrat, authored the proposal, stated she’s

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