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January 21, 2018

Archives for April 2016

US and UK Disagree Over E-Cigarette Consensus

US and UK Disagree Over E-Cigarette Consensus

Public Health England (PHE), the United Kingdom’s governmental body equivalent to the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has stated that their review of the evidence has found that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful to health than combustible cigarettes and should be recommended for smoking cessation and harm reduction. This is, however, the complete

Sonoma County Policy

Sonoma County Policy Seeks To Limit E-Cigarette Sells

[California] A new Sonoma County policy addresses both electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. The new policy sets its aim on electronic cigarettes and cites a need to regulate them. While the guide for Sonoma County’s new Tobacco Retailer License policy demonstrates teen e-cigarette usage has tripled, increased vaping among teens coincides with a longer overall


Deadmau5 Sues Deadmodz Over Trademark Infringement

Canadian progressive house music producer and performer Joel Zimmerman, professionally known as deadmau5 (“deadmouse”) filed a federal lawsuit Thursday stating West Coast Vape Supply is intentionally infringing on his deadmau5 trademark. Seems West Coast Vape Supply’s deadmodz electronic cigarette line is trying to capitalize on Zimmerman’s name (read: fame). According to the lawsuit the products overlap with,