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January 21, 2018

Archives for June 2016

New Study: Cohort Study of Electronic Cigarette Use

The British Medical Journal recent published a new study back in June “to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes, by comparing users of only e-cigarettes, smokers of only tobacco cigarettes and dual users.” Measuring the “sustained abstinence from tobacco cigarettes”, their study found roughly 40 percent disparity between the smokers that used electronic cigarettes to combat traditional tobacco cigarette smoking, and

Study: E-Cigarette Retailer V2 Reveals Users Reaction to FDA Regulations

A new study completed by the electronic cigarette retailer V2 has revealed reactions of vapors to the recent decision from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to extend federal regulatory control to e-cigarettes. They survey 300 adult vapers from across the United States between 16 May and 20 May. Among e-cigarette users surveyed, 74% believe that electronic cigarettes

White House Cuts FDA Plan to Restrict Flavored E-Cigarettes

A White House office deleted language in the most recent Food and Drug Administration‘s (FDA) tobacco regulation that would restrict flavored electronic cigarettes from the market until they were authorized by the FDA. On May 5, the FDA announced their final rule extending their tobacco authority to e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, and hookah. The rule is to go into

Efforts to Pass Electronic Cigarette Legislation Stall in Illinois House

[Illinois] Illinois House efforts to pass legislation to raise the purchasing age electronic cigarette (and tobacco) products from 18 years of age to 21 have stalled. Representative Sara Feigenholtz, (12th District), currently sponsors Senate Bill 3011 and stated Friday that the original House sponsor, Representative Bob Rita, (28th District), used parliamentary maneuvers to delay the bill’s progress.