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January 21, 2018

Active Shooter Suspect Surrenders For an E-Cigarette

[Washington] ~ The Grant County Sheriff‘s office stated an active shooter suspect is in custody following a day-long standoff in the Lakeview area of Soap Lake Sunday afternoon. The suspect, identified as Jason McIlwain, 32, was perched in a tree within the area between Road 20 NW and St. Andrews NW, and had fired three shots when officers approached. McIlwain allegedly shot at two people he knew, no one was hit, and fled to the nearby grove of trees.

Deputies said McIlwain is a suspect in a weapons assault and were able to get the suspect into custody around 4:30 p.m. thanks to an odd negotiation deal. The suspect made a specific request for a cigarette but deputies said they were afraid to give him a real one due to fire dangers. The suspect finally turned himself over after deputies gave him an electronic cigarette instead.

“McIlwain in custody thanks to negotiations and an E-cigarette,” the Grant County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter.



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