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January 21, 2018

Best Electronic Cigarette Wick Materials

Best Electronic Cigarette Wick Materials

There are plenty of different materials that are now being used as electric cigarette wicks. This article seeks to advise you on some of the best electronic cigarette wick materials currently out there. If you have ever searched the internet for wick material, you know that there is a huge amount of information out there. That being said, we at Ejuiceologist decided to cover the most common and popular wick materials.

Different wick materials provide different vaping attributes, like wick speed, flavor, and/or ease of use. Likewise, each material will produce a different kind of vape. Some have the possibility of a subtle “wick” taste, while others might improve the flavor of your juice. Some materials are just easier to use, while others take extra preparation prior to use. Steel mesh, for example, may provide a crisper flavor, but can cause juice wick problems. We seek to provide enough information to allow you to make the best selection that fits your needs.

Silica Wick

Silica wickSilica wick, being easy to use, is the most common electric cigarette wick. Used in most unmodified electronic cigarettes. If your coil is not rebuildable, the wick material is more than likely a silica wick. You can either build a coil and thread silica threw it or wrap the coil around the silica. Pushing a pin threw the silica will make it easy to wrap over coil. Trying to wrap coil wire around silica wick might be a bit tricky at first, but it is a great way for beginners. Another huge advantage of silica is the fact that the wick can’t be over heated, thus there is no need to worry about under dripping. You can pick some High Quality Silica Wick – 5ft, 10ft, 25ft, 50ft & 100ft over at Amazon for as little as $5.75.

Organic Cotton Balls

Organic Cotton BallsMany people are using cotton balls for their electric cigarette wicks due to the fact that it simply is such a great wick material. However, you should not use just any type of cotton or cotton ball. Make sure to avoid using cotton balls that are bleached, which can and will destroy your juice’s flavor. You need to use only organic untreated cotton and cotton balls.

You don’t wrap your wire around cotton, but instead wrap a coil and feed the cotton through.
Possibly the best advantage cotton offers is the speed at which it wicks up e-juice. Not only is it a fast wicker, it can hold large amounts of e-juice. This is why it is so popular as a wick material. However it does have a chance to cause a “cotton” taste, which some vapers dislike. Likewise, the possibility of “dry hits”, which taste horrible, are likely if the cotton does not get fully saturated in e-juice. One last note, you might find you have to replace your cotton more often. You can pick up an 80 count of 100% Pure Organic Cotton Balls over at Amazon for as little as $5.87.

Cellucotton Rayon Fibers

Cellucotton Rayon FibersWhen using Cellucotton Rayon Fibers, ensure you get 100% Rayon Cellucotton, and not the cotton Cellucotton. Rayon has all the best properties of cotton without the “cotton” taste. Wicks fast, holds a ton e-juice, and almost no flavor interference. Another plus, it is very cheap, you can get 10 feet for about $1.99 over at Sally’s Beauty Supply. You pick up 40 feet over at Amazon for as little as $6.58.

Japanese Organic Cotton Pads

Japanese Organic Cotton padsYet another form of cotton used for electric cigarette wicks. Currently, the most popular Japanese organic cotton brand is Koh Gen Do, but like everything else there are generic brands. No matter the brand, they are made from chemically treated, bleached, or pigmented cotton.

The pads measure roughly 2.5’’ by 3’’ and will need to be either cut into smaller chunks or pulled apart and rolled up. Koh Gen Do usually sells packs of 60 pads; however since they are so popular within the vape community you will find vape shops selling it in smaller quantities. You can pick up medium size pads, 200 count over at Amazon for as little as $7.69; whereas, Koh Gen Do is a little more pricey at $14.00 for an 80 count.


EkowoolEkowool, made of silica fibers, is rather different than the Chinese made Silica wick. One of the huge advantages of ekowool is the fact that it is braided. This leaves a hollow tube through the center. Though you can buy braided silica wick, it is not the same. Utilizing the hollow center allows you to stick a paper clip down the center. This stabilizes the wick while you wrap your coil; which is great for beginners.

Much like cotton, ekowool wicks up e-juice faster and offers faster wicking. Though you can purchase ekowool with cotton within the center, a lot of vapers thread their own cotton yarn through regular ekowool for the same effect. Compared to silica wick, ekowool provides better wicking, better flavor, and is easier to work with. One disadvantage of ekowool is the price. It is more expensive than the other wick materials due to the fact that it is imported. You can however pick up 12 foot 3mm high quality ekowool over at Amazon for as little as $7.88.

Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless Steel MeshPrimarily used in genesis style atomizers due to its conductive, it is not recommended for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. Stainless Steel Mesh lasts an extremely long time compared to other wick materials. It also requires you to oxidize it with a torch; which brings out a really crisp flavor. Likewise, it does very well with thicker tobacco, heavy cream juices and is good for fruit flavored e-juices. It also doesn’t combust if it becomes too dry; however, the dry stainless steel mesh taste is terrible.

Stainless steel mesh comes in a variety of thread counts, generally 300,400,500. The higher PG ratio (70/30) juice works best with a higher thread count. The higher VG ratios (30/70) work best with a lower thread count.
You can also wrap stainless steel mesh wicks around cotton, or thread ekowool around it. Mixing wicks allows for faster e-juice wicking for those high amperage vaping. You can pick up a 11.7 in x 8.3 sheet over at Amazon for as little as $11.75.



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