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December 16, 2017


Sonoma County Policy

Sonoma County Policy Seeks To Limit E-Cigarette Sells

[California] A new Sonoma County policy addresses both electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. The new policy sets its aim on electronic cigarettes and cites a need to regulate them. While the guide for Sonoma County’s new Tobacco Retailer License policy demonstrates teen e-cigarette usage has tripled, increased vaping among teens coincides with a longer overall


National Park Service Bans E-Cigarettes Everywhere Smoking Is Prohibited

The Untied States National Park Service already prohibits traditional smoking inside their buildings and in many outdoor location within their miles of land, but now vaping with an electronic cigarette will be added to the ban as well. The Park Service announced Monday that e-cigarettes can not be used anywhere traditional cigarettes are already prohibited. According to U.S. News & World Report, National

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Chicago Proposes Taxing Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

[Chicago] ~ A Chicago alderman will soon propose a $1.25 tax on electronic cigarette cartridges and 25¢ for each milliliter of liquid to fill the cartridge. The tax would raise $1 million a year toward fixing the city budget, but could also be part of a desire to impose a restriction on the increasing use of the e-cigarettes by


Almost Official: California Calling E-Cigarettes a Tobacco Product

[California] ~ Today, the California Senate, as part of the Legislature’s extraordinary session on health, passed legislation calling for new statewide regulations on electronic cigarettes. SB X2-5, authored by Senator Mark Leno, District 11, protects the public against exposure to e-cigarettes by ensuring they are accurately defined as tobacco products and fall under the state’s existing


Britain Calls for Prescription Electronic Cigarettes

British government health officials want to see Healthcare providers able to prescribe electronic cigarettes on the National Health Service (NHS), they stated after they published a review that showed vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco. Public Health England (PHE) said much of the public wrongly believes that e-cigs carry health risks much the same way cigarettes do, but this is not

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State Senate Approves Six Anti-Tobacco Bills

[California] ~ On Wednesday, the Senate panel approved a package of six anti-tobacco bills, including measures raising the smoking age to 21 and barring the use of electronic cigarettes in public place where smoking is banned. Both the age increase and e-cigarette bills had stalled in the Legislature, but were revived for a special session on healthcare


New York Legislators Considering E-Cigarette Ban

[New York] ~ New York county Lawmakers are considering adding a ban on electronic cigarettes to a law already prohibiting smoking indoors. Rockland County officials held a public hearing Tuesday night to discuss the expansion of the county’s smoking restrictions to treat electronic cigarettes like traditional tobacco products. Legislator Aney Paul, Democrat, authored the proposal, stated she’s


Efforts to Ban Minor E-Cigarette Usage is Losing Steam

[Michigan] ~ Efforts to ban minor electronic cigarette usage is start to lose strength in the Michigan House of Representatives, where the sponsor told Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick, his efforts to cobble together compromise is not coming together. A couple of months ago, Representative Henry Yanez, District 25, was upbeat about banning e-cigarettes for minors and then taxing the product and

U.S. Capitol

Congress Seeks Stronger FDA E-Cigarettes Regulations

A new Department of Agriculture appropriations bill is currently under consideration in Congress. It includes a special exemption from the Food and Drug Administration review for certain tobacco products, to include electronic cigarettes. Congress, the FDA, and the courts have been debating for years just how e-cigs should be regulated. The bill, as it currently stands, would limit the


Baltimore, Howard County Bans E-Cigarettes in Public

[Maryland] ~ The Howard County council has unanimously approved a bill banning the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers in all public places. The bill was approved Friday, 31 July. The bill was introduced by Councilman Jon Weinstein, District 1, an Ellicott City Democrat, at the June council’s voting session. The bill builds on the county’s

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