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February 23, 2018



Deadmau5 Sues Deadmodz Over Trademark Infringement

Canadian progressive house music producer and performer Joel Zimmerman, professionally known as deadmau5 (“deadmouse”) filed a federal lawsuit Thursday stating West Coast Vape Supply is intentionally infringing on his deadmau5 trademark. Seems West Coast Vape Supply’s deadmodz electronic cigarette line is trying to capitalize on Zimmerman’s name (read: fame). According to the lawsuit the products overlap with,

Active shooter

Active Shooter Suspect Surrenders For an E-Cigarette

[Washington] ~ The Grant County Sheriff‘s office stated an active shooter suspect is in custody following a day-long standoff in the Lakeview area of Soap Lake Sunday afternoon. The suspect, identified as Jason McIlwain, 32, was perched in a tree within the area between Road 20 NW and St. Andrews NW, and had fired three shots when officers approached. McIlwain