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February 23, 2018

How to Make E-Juice (E-Liquid)

Making your own e-juice is easy and cheap. It also allows for any customization one would like to add to their vaping experience; all while having a kickass time. At pennies on the milliliter, making your own is defiantly worth it. Of course don’t get discouraged with the upfront cost of buying all the ingredients and necessary supplies, because in the long run you save a large amount of hard earn cash.

Below is a list of the basic ingredients and supplies one would need to get started. I buy most of my supplies at Amazon (why? Cheap and they have everything you need), one can find everything they would ever need to start making e-juice. Check out my list of suggested suppliers down at the bottom of the page…

So let’s begin!

Necessary Ingredients: (all can be purchased here)

  • Nicotine e-Liquid
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
    • (and/or)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Concentrated Flavoring(s)

Liquid Nicotine typically comes in strengths of 24 to 100mg per milliliter. This is to be diluted once PG, VG, and flavoring are added. The volume of each ingredient depends on what you like in your e-liquid. Generally, higher PG ratio liquid produces a much better flavor, while a higher VG ratio increases the amount of vapor production. Personally, I vape a 80PG/20VG ratio, but a 50/50 ratio is common amount vape shops and the like. The greatest part of making your own e-juice…experimenting and creating an e-juice one loves.

Supplies: (all can be purchased here)

  • Bottles
  • Pipettes& Droppers
  • Syringes(1-30ml)
  • Measuring Device
  • Milk Frotherfor mixing (optional)
  • Latex Gloves (optional)
  • E-Liquid Calculator. Juice Me Up is FREE.

To start, we will need a bottle and a measuring device (syringes work nicely and measure small amounts precisely). You can pick up a pack of 10 here for less than $10.

Step-by-step instructions:

It should be noted: It’s completely possible to measure your ingredients by drops alone. It a very meticulous way to go about it, but the e-liquid calculator I recommended will provide measurements in drops.

  1. Gather your supplies/ingredients
  2. Calculate your recipe (Juice Me Up) and write down measurement (start w/ *5% flavor)
  3. Measure Propylene Glycol; add to bottle
  4. Measure Vegetable Glycerin, add to bottle
  5. Measure Nicotine, add to bottle
  6. Rinse all instruments
  7. Add 5% -10% Flavoring to the bottle; mix it vigorously
  8. Sample juice, adding flavoring as needed**
  9. Clean up (don’t forget the syringe)


Now enjoy your newly made e-juice, but don’t forget to share..

*Ejuice flavorings strengths vary. Most flavors are worthy of 10%, but if you are just starting out 5% is a safe bet. Of course some flavors will require less than 5%; and there are those that enjoy 30% plus flavoring. Start low and work your way up.
**Some flavors taste great right from the get go; however, some require steeping (letting the ejuice sit in an open bottle). Rule of thumb: If it taste bad, steep it…