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December 16, 2017

New E-Cigarette Milestone: The KIS Vaporizer Control System

Recently, Kimree, the largest electronic cigarette manufacturer worldwide, announced a successful development of KIS Vaporizer control system. The system will significantly shorten the time from start to operating temperature with efficiency increasing 300%. They claim that the speed heating system will change the vaporizer industry structure and e-cigarette industry will be more intelligent and more human.

KIS’ core advantage is the strong temperature control module. From working curve on digital oscilloscope, they observed that old art takes three seconds from start to operating temperature while the innovative KIS system shortens the time to one second. Three times the starting speed of traditional e-cigarettes.

picIt is reported that, the KIS system consists of four parts: ARM, Driver, Mos and Charger IC; all coming from the top three precision electronic and electrical appliances suppliers: STMicroelectronics (ST) Group, Texas Instruments (TI) and Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS).




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