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December 16, 2017

US Representative Calling for E-Cigarette Ban on All US Flights

No Vapes on a Plane!

[New York] ~ United States Representative Frank Pallone,  representative for New Jersey’s 6th congressional district, is calling for a new law to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on flights within the United States. He has sent a letter to United States Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, urging him to finalize a rule officially banning the vape devices on airplanes. “The problems are the same really with cigarettes and cigars,” Pallone, Democrat, stated, “I mean, there’s no reason to believe that e-cigarettes are less dangerous.”

Pallone admits most airlines probably won’t let travelers puff away on an e-cigarettes now, but he says it should be federal policy, not an airline policy. He went on to said a ban was proposed nearly four years ago but no action has been taken to finalize it. At the time, the Department of Transportation said it interprets the original 1987 smoking ban to include the newer devices.

Pallone said he wants the ban explicitly laid out.




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