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June 24, 2017


Philip Morris “Might” Quit Manufacturing Conventional Cigarettes in Favor of Heat-not-Burn

Big Tobacco, Philip Morris launched a new cigarette product in the UK claiming to be healthier than their conventional tobacco products. This smokeless cigarette is described as a “hybrid between analogs and electronic cigarettes.” The Marlboro maker tobacco giant’s product heats tobacco rather than burning it and the company claims that it delivers the same

E-Cigarettes and the Effects on your Body

Electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes and could help smokers quit tobacco, a British government study recently concluded, wading into a long-running electronic cigarettes debate. While much research has been done on conventional cigarettes, data on e-cigarettes is much more sparse. This is because e-cigs were only invented in 2003 by a

Britain Calls for Prescription Electronic Cigarettes

British government health officials want to see Healthcare providers able to prescribe electronic cigarettes on the National Health Service (NHS), they stated after they published a review that showed vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco. Public Health England (PHE) said much of the public wrongly believes that e-cigs carry health risks much the same way cigarettes do, but this is not

Can I Use An Electronic Cigarette While Pregnant?

Electronic Cigarette are safer than a normal cigarette; however, is vaping harmful to your unborn baby? Can you be around second-hand vape? We’ve got the latest expert advice.. In Short No, electronic cigarettes are not recommended during pregnancy. Why? They are both unlicensed and unregulated. Manufacturers state they are safe; however, experts aren’t entirely sure. So, we recommend

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Deadmau5 Sues Deadmodz Over Trademark Infringement

Canadian progressive house music producer and performer Joel Zimmerman, professionally known as deadmau5 (“deadmouse”) filed a federal lawsuit Thursday stating West Coast Vape Supply is intentionally infringing on his deadmau5 trademark. Seems West Coast Vape Supply’s deadmodz electronic cigarette line is trying to capitalize on Zimmerman’s name (read: fame). According to the lawsuit the products overlap with,

Active Shooter Suspect Surrenders For an E-Cigarette

[Washington] ~ The Grant County Sheriff‘s office stated an active shooter suspect is in custody following a day-long standoff in the Lakeview area of Soap Lake Sunday afternoon. The suspect, identified as Jason McIlwain, 32, was perched in a tree within the area between Road 20 NW and St. Andrews NW, and had fired three shots when officers approached. McIlwain

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White House Cuts FDA Plan to Restrict Flavored E-Cigarettes

A White House office deleted language in the most recent Food and Drug Administration‘s (FDA) tobacco regulation that would restrict flavored electronic cigarettes from the market until they were authorized by the FDA. On May 5, the FDA announced their final rule extending their tobacco authority to e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, and hookah. The rule is to go into

Efforts to Pass Electronic Cigarette Legislation Stall in Illinois House

[Illinois] Illinois House efforts to pass legislation to raise the purchasing age electronic cigarette (and tobacco) products from 18 years of age to 21 have stalled. Representative Sara Feigenholtz, (12th District), currently sponsors Senate Bill 3011 and stated Friday that the original House sponsor, Representative Bob Rita, (28th District), used parliamentary maneuvers to delay the bill’s progress.

United States to Ban E-cigarettes in Checked Bags

The United States Transportation Department stated Wednesday they are permanently banning passengers and crew members from carrying electronic cigarettes in checked baggage or charging the devices on-board aircraft. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx cited a number of recent incidents showing the devices catching fire during transport. He went on to state: Passengers may continue to carry e-cigarettes for personal use in

Wisconsin Senator Johnson Requests FDA to Answer for E-Cig Regulations

Wisconsin United States Senator Ron Johnson is now involved in the battle over e-cigarette regulation. Wednesday, Senator Johnson sent a letter to Robert M. Califf, M.D., Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, on behalf of the Committee of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs looking for details behind their decision to implement a screening process on the manufacturing of

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